As part of an immersive audience experience for AMC’s Upfronts presentation in March of 2014, Switser + Knight worked with Empire Entertainment to create content for featured shows for a massive 150′ long dining room that was surrounded by projections. Given the clientele and talent in the room we knew picture quality was of the utmost importance. We created promo content for each show in a ultra high definition panoramic format that was displayed crisply on all of the uniquely sized screens.

Working directly with AMC we developed content that included a trailer we edited highlighting the past six seasons of “Mad Men,” a time lapse and After Effects generated skyline of NYC that rolled back in time to 1776 for “Turn,” custom graphics for “Better Call Saul,” as well as graphic and logo manipulations for all featured shows and AMC branding.

This event was noted by Biz Bash as one of the best of the year.




Event Producer Empire Entertainment
Director J.B. Miller
Video Design Austin Switser
Media Producer Erica Laird
Editor Dominik Whitworth
Animation Dan Melius
Graphic Design Jesse Garrison
Sound Design Jamie McElhinney